Sunday, July 30, 2017

A few steps closer...

I'm finished with the face-to-face portion of my doctoral program. I'm also done with 4 out of the 5 elective courses. I plan on taking the last elective next spring or summer.

I'm working on my dissertation... I was planning on doing something related to Acceptable Use Policies, but I changed my mind. 

New topic: something to do with gamification - serious games - game-based learning... 

They say when you have completed the coursework you are 50% done...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

First Class Done

I finished my first class a few weeks ago and I'm 1/3 of the way through my second class.


With the next three years broken up into 2-3 week chunks - time is REALLY going to fly!

So far it's been manageable, but I keep taking on more and more...

NO is only two letters, but sometimes they're hard to say.

I'm working full-time and a little extra time is spent with a new Success Coach program where I work with Freshmen.

I'm a full-time student (6 credits per semester).

I'm on the board of directors for the local playhouse.

Next spring I'll be teaching an online course.

And then there's sleep and friends and dogs and life outside of work and school.

At least I'm not bored :)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dr. E ?

Could be me... hopefully.

I'm sitting in the classroom where I will have my first doctoral course. Over the next 3-4 years I will be working towards a doctorate in Educational Administration and Leadership (Ed.D.).

I'm not alone.

There are 15 people in my cohort, two of which are also my coworkers. The trip from home to here is 3 hours, but we are able to carpool. This gives us time to talk about our assignments, our worries, and our expectations. We will be side-by-side-by-side on this journey, supporting each other. We are very fortunate.

One of the perks of working for a University is that I can go to school for free. One of the perks of my union is that I can get a doctorate - for free.

I'm starting my third year in my job and I have been in my house for a full year... and it's not going to get any easier the older I get... So why not now?

Some adjectives to sum up where I'm at right now:

Excited. Worried. Anxious. Expectant. Intrigued. Nervous. Happy. Proud. Hopeful.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My iPhone killed my blog...

That must be it...

I spend too much time on my phone and it's hard to blog from the phone...

Maybe it's that I spend 8-9 hours a day on the computer and I don't want to spend evenings on the computer...

But that's contradictory - because the iPhone is a computer...

Now I'm just confused.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Home again

The last five years have brought a lot of change. I've lived in three different states, been unemployed for a year, suffered from a "broken foot," and come to all sorts of conclusions about life and myself. Some even dare to say I've learned to "go with the flow." *GASP*

I left teaching because I had to leave Colorado. I couldn't breathe and it was killing me - somewhat literally, but mostly figuratively/emotionally.

I spent a year living with my parents, during which time I suffered from major depression (even worse than when I was in Colorado). Thank God for my parents though. I wouldn't have been able to restart my life without their love and support.

I'm back in MN and I'm surrounded by old friends and new. I can breathe, mostly. I'm employed and have found joy in my new life as an Advising Coordinator. I'm helping college students to become teachers. It's fulfilling and there's a built-in filter between the traumatic lives of little kids and myself. One of the things I struggled with in Colorado was not being able to keep an emotional wall between myself and the crappy things that my students were going through. I felt for them and it tore me up inside.

I've survived my first semester back in college. Next semester I'm taking on a couple of new roles; student teacher supervisor and returning college student. I'll be supervising two student teachers working in 3rd grade. They'll be working in their own classrooms, with their cooperating teachers, AND together teaching joint lessons. It's something new the University is trying out. I'm excited to be in on the experiment.

Shortly after returning to Minnesota, I discovered I am 27 credits shy of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing. So... I'm taking a class I need to fulfill that degree and another one which is an experimental course.

I've found a doctor who knows what's wrong with my foot and is treating it effectively. Apparently it was a neuroma, not a stress fracture. I'm receiving a series of injections into the nerve. (It feels about as horrible as it sounds, but it's working).

I'm getting ready to go home for the holidays. I just saw my parents a few weeks ago when I surprised them for their anniversary and Thanksgiving by driving 24 hours to the Alpaca Ranch in NM. I won't get to see all of my family - it seems I never do these days - but I should be able to see the majority.

I'm a two-time godmother.


Things have changed a lot, but there's a level of familiarity and comfort in being back in MN. It's like coming home after a very long journey. I've changed. The University has changed. My friends have changed. But we all still fit together.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Suitcase + Broken Foot = Knit + Purl

Last October, at the Taos Wool Festival, I broke my foot. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom and on my way back to my bed I tripped over Mom's suitcase.

To shorten the story... 3 doctors, 2 sets of x-rays, 1 MRI, 2 different foot tapings/strappings, 1 cortisone injection, 5 weeks in a boot... and now I'm working on 6 weeks in a cast with a knee scooter - non-weight bearing. The only positive things I can say are that I've got some cute artwork:

I'm getting some crocheting done:

And I think I've finally gotten the hang of this knit and purl stuff:

The blue line is a "Life Line" - so when I mess up I can pull it back to the closest life line instead of having to rip the entire thing out or rip to a spot and try to pick all my stitches back up. Genius idea!

I've also gotten into Ravelry. Now I just need to update my Etsy store with all the new stuff I've made :)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Matchbox 20

It's hard to make myself write these days... but I've had a really great day so I'm seizing the moment :)

Yesterday I called the radio station and won 2 spots at a VIP concert with two members of Matchbox 20 (Rob Thomas and Paul Doucette).

Mom and I went to a swanky hotel in Dallas and lived the high life for a short while (valet parking and all).

We were up close and personal with the band and the acoustic performance was AMAZING! I'm ruined for life!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Recovery, Alpacas & A Birthday

Feeling like myself again, though it took almost two weeks to get over whatever that was... I do NOT recommend it, nor would I wish it on my worst enemy!

I had a low-key birthday, hanging out with my parents at the Alpaca Ranch in NM. We're here for our annual Thanksgiving vacation/ranch sitting.

Mom & Dad celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary yesterday, another low-key event.

We're always so relaxed when we stay at the ranch. I feel like it is a very healing place. They only get 2 TV stations, the Internet is slightly faster than dial-up, and you're surrounded by mountains and animals. It's the perfect place to "get away."

I love it here.

I'm spending another week here and my focus is on creating (crocheting & spinning) and spending time with the critters.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A while later...

I know it's been a long time.... And as you may have guessed, a lot has happened.

Most recently I became so ill that I spent the night in the emergency room on IV fluids trying to get re-hydrated.

I started in with a stomach bug last Wednesday and by Thursday night I thought I was dying. I've never been so sick in my life... I couldn't even keep water down. By 2am Friday I asked my mom to take me to the ER and then I was begging the ER doctor for an IV.

It was my first-ever IV and it was SO needed and SO appreciated. I felt better within 5 minutes, even though my fever persisted until late Saturday night and I'm just beginning to eat solid foods again.

I was supposed to leave Monday to begin a 3 week visit to Victory Ranch Alpacas, my NM friends. I'm hardly in any shape to drive, so my departure has been postponed until this Saturday.

Sunday is my birthday so I WILL be better by this weekend!

I have a lot more to say regarding the big events in my life that have occurred this year, but I'm exhausted!

More to come later.


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Moving on

It's been a while....

After four years filled with doctor's visits, medications, allergy shots, acupuncture, and sinus infections... I've finally made the very difficult decision to leave Colorado.

The immediate plan is to move back to Texas for a year so I can get healthy (physically and financially) and then find a job somewhere where I will be healthy.... Maybe back to Minnesota?