Friday, April 28, 2006

Another Chapter

*Got an apartment
*Passed on the opportunity to present for Blogs & Wikis
*Working 3:30-6pm at the lab (no - actually you worked 3:30-8:00pm)
*Finish up the Res Life Slide Show and begin burning dvds (80 to burn before next Thursday)
*Work on stuff for online class

*Practice for ASL presentation (Tuesday)
*Go through Blogs & Wikis presentation (Monday) - maybe add or change a bit
*Burn ALL 80 DVD's = 8 HOURS -- GAH!!!!!!
*On duty

*Start packing some stuff for moving to new apt (Monday)
*Practice for ASL presentation (Tuesday)
*Work on my wiki some more
*Bowling team party @ AB's - 7pm

*Work 12-2pm - office - Help D with scanner problem
*Sign lease contract for apt
*Practice for ASL presentation
*Move some stuff into my new place!
*Finish at least 2 postings for online class
*Finish paperwork for Res-Life
*Spent 7 hours painting my new digs..

*Work 12-4 - office and lab
*Present in ASL
*Online class
*Clean apt
*End of the year B/L Staff Get-Together --CALL AHEAD-- 9pm

*Present for Blogs & Wikis
*Work 12-4
*Move more stuff in?
*Online class
*Res Life Mtg 5pm

*End of the Year Residential Life Banquet - 11am
*Still need to finish doing stuff for online class
*Begin checking out residents



I know this may seem like a lot - but it's really not too bad. My list is waning :)
I'm so excited.
I've got lots of time to move my stuff in - so I can take my time and arrange it perfectly - maybe even paint it if they let me and I'll actually be done with all my school/class stuff a week early! And then of course checking residents out... /sigh... for the last time....


New Chapter :)

I did it, I did it, I said that I would do it...

and indeed I did!

I got my very own apartment!


First month's rent and deposit paid.
I can move in on Monday.

And yes Mom I will make sure they change the locks ;)

Thanks to Loni!

For the lovely flowers :)

She's a sweetie! I've really enjoyed chatting with her this semester via msn - I've been relaying our classroom stuff to her since she lives 2.5 hours away. Sorry it took so long to - but I really wanted a picture of the purrrrty flowers! Purply daisies - my favourite!

And my second round of Henna...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I almost cried because...

I just had to ask my mom for money.

Listening to Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

Looking to the future...

I'm looking to the future... Tomorrow I will know where I am living after this semester.

I'm also looking for a thesis idea and as of now I'm leaning towards Technology in the Classroom.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


To my bestest buddy in the world.

She did it, she did it.
She said that she would do it and indeed she did!

Actual Classified Ad:

"u Need A Resume? u Call (name of business), ###-####"

Oh wow!

yes plz me need resume
me get good job
me pay rent

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rock on!

Thank you for answering my plea for help!

I believe I have found a place to live (avoiding PB Realty - thanks) and I will be applying at several places - though I fear to work at Target because I know exactly where my ENTIRE paycheck will go.
I *heart* Target.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Dagnabbit... *bleeping* real world...


So I've managed to have two on-campus jobs for the last 3 years - this has allowed me to take lengthy-3-week trips home at Christmas and during the summer.

Unfortunately, since BSU has decided I can no longer hold 2 on-campus jobs... and I'm sick of living in the dorms.... I have to find a new place to live - that I can afford. I've crunched the numbers every-which-way and the ONLY way I can afford to move off campus is to get a second job - a second, off-campus job. This means no more three-week-trips home during the holidays.
This makes me sad.

Plus, where will I find a job in this town? A PART-TIME job...

If I can find a job that pays $8 per hour *snort* I would only have to work about 15 hours per week (in addition to the 15 I already work as a GA)... 30 hours of work per week plus a full-time graduate level load... I could do that.

It was bound to catch up to me sometime.
I've been quite lucky so far.

So... anyone know of a nice place to live that's rather on the cheap side?
Or... do you know of any jobs that hire for about 15 hours a week?

Ideas people! I need your input!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to:

My Mommy!
Queen Elizabeth II
and anyone else who happens to celebrate the day of their birth - today.


Spent all day driving around town with Aya (from 9:30am-5:00pm) looking for/at apartments. Had early dinner with Jer to celebrate his bday. Called Mom earlier and Aya and I both sang Happy Birthday to her... I dunno if her ears have recovered yet ;)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

And I said I'd never hunt...

Well.... I still wouldn't go out and kill Bambi (exception: starving to death)...

I got to sleep sometime after 3am - (read mind racing).

I got up at 8am and started making phone calls
- looked at one (creepy) apartment
- drove around for an hour and a half looking for places
- called more places

I have two appointments tomorrow to look at two different apartments & I'm dragging Aya with me.

BTW thanks to Aya for discovering & sharing the link toThe Purple Store!

I looked at an apartment (a friend of a friend) last night and REALLY liked the place. Left the owners a message this morning saying I'm interested if they have any openings. (they let you have pets) *GRIN*

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's clobberin' time!

Ok maybe it's the lack of sleep.... maybe it's the lack of caffeine... but I'm in a mood to kick some hiney!

*I'm caught up on my online class (again - it always seems to be the last thing I get to).
*I'm registered for summer classes - one online course and finishing up an independent study I started this semester. The extension was actually the instructors idea - but has lifted a lot of pressure off me.
*I have a few finishing touches to do on my wiki and it will be "done" (as far as class goes at least) this Sunday.
*I have to do my Studio Tour 2 - Due Friday at Midnight
*I am done editing my 15 page ASL Paper and will turn that in today.
*I have a presentation for that class and a videotaping to do - then one final test.
*I have four more chapters, discussion, and a final paper for my online class.

The end is in sight.

*I'm stopping by Res Life to get an application for Summer Housing so I can at least stay there for a month or so *hopefully* - though Thanks to Froyd for the offer ;)
*I'll start packing this weekend also (cuz I have a crap-load of stuff to pack and I'll need to rearrange my storage space to make sure I can fit everything in there)
*I've found a realtor-compay here that I can send in an application to and they'll help me find a place - though they said June 1st is probably the soonest they'd have anything.

*I'm looking into second jobs, since summer housing in the dorms costs twice as much as it does anywhere else.
*I'll bake biscuits for tonights meeting. I haven't done that in a long time.
*This weekend I will finish the slideshow for the End of the Year Res Life Banquet and burn 80 copies. I need to return the hard-copies (pictures) to their owners.
*I have a meeting Wednesday 5pm for Recognition Committee.
*I'm going to appreciate these last weeks with my Res Life family - I've had the pleasure of working with dear friends for the last 3 years. Many of them are moving away and it will be a big adjustment - but this seems to be the time for adjustments.

Change comes in cycles.

I feel better.
I have accomplished more than I thought and I don't have as much left as I feared.

Monday, April 17, 2006

No Sleep...

Only stress.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Cause the world gets in your way..."

I need to add finding a new place to live to my list of things to do.

As it turns out I won't be staying where I thought this summer/fall. I have to move out of my dorm room on May 13th.... that's less than a month to find some place to live.



Anyone know of a good place?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

About that double major....

That's looking pretty good right now....


So if I will be graduating next year I need to turn in a bunch of paperwork, settle on a thesis, do my thesis, decide if I'm going to get my PhD right away, apply to schools (if I am) and take the GRE, if not apply for jobs all over the place....


(thus the massive tummy ache I had yesterday - due to stress)

I can do what?!?!?!

"It looks like you'll probably graduate next year."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No Way!

So I just got a phone call...

"Hello, Aspen?"


"This is ____ from Dining Services. We had a Pepsi Giveaway Drawing in the Variety Store. And I was calling to let you know that you are the winner."

Really? *boggle* What did I when?

"Well let me read it to you... *shuffling papers* It says here two free vouchers for NorthWest Airlines for travel inside the Continental United States."

*letting it sink in*


"I need to get your mailing information... etc."

*random bits of information between giggles of glee*


Monday, April 10, 2006

Messaging Foo!

Yup video-msn-ing a friend in England and text-msn-ing a friend in Canada.
At the same time.
Gotta love it!

Updating The List

My Current To Do List:
*Post response to 10
*Post response to 11
*Read chapter 12
*Oil change - Friday 21st
*Take suitcases to storage
*Take sled to storage
*Meet Tuesday night for Security thing
*Assemble slideshow for EoY Banquet
*Continue wiki-work
*Article Review for ASL for Thursday
*Power Point Outline for ASL for Thursday
*Book for ASL for Thursday
*Meet f2f April 17th
*Studio Tour (next week)
*Sunday, 23 April finish
*Presentations April 24 and May 1
*Writeup & Presentation

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Festival of Nations 2006

Fun. As always.
Saw lots of people I knew... Sampled some good food...
Helped out a bit - serving food and such.
Even got something I've wanted for a long time (two somethings) - Henna Tattoos! I would never get the real thing, but these are fun and pretty and only last a week or so. Oh, and no needles ;)
The first one I got was a turtle on my left arm:

It goes on in a gel-like form that's cool and kind of tickles. Then it dries and gets crusty:

I only left the turtle on for a couple hours - so it's not as dark and won't last as long. The hand one I left on for 5 hours or so and it should last for quite a while :)

Earlier in the day was a joing wedding shower - for two friends who are getting married in June, one June 3rd and the other June 10th.

I finished my RA self eval and peer evals today. Otherwise I didn't get any "work" done. But that's ok. I needed a day off!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


My Current To Do List:
*Post response to 10
*Post response to 11
*Read chapter 12
*ASL paper
*BIG ASL paper
*Find people to work extra hours in lab
*Oil change
*Car wash
*Take suitcases to storage so I can move around in my room again
*Take sled to storage because (apparently) the sun is here to stay
*Clean room
*Get Well Dagnabbit!
*Register for fall classes (April 10)
*Continue wiki-work
*Midterm Reflection
*Meet with SC about ASL
*Meet with L
*Clean Room
*Find Poems for ASL
*Meet with L
*Meet for Recognition Committee Weds - have disk prices
*Meet next Tuesday night for Security thing
*Assemble slideshow for EoY Banquet
*Keyboard to A
*Bridal shower on Saturday (1pm)
*Festival of Nations Saturday (3pm)
*Self Eval (1)
*Peer Evals (7)
*Hall-wide activity tonight
*Help HS with iMovie

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Goodie Bag and My Fall Schedule

WAHOOO!!! I got my BEAUTIFUL BAG! today! The one that Sharon made for me. And it's even prettier in person. The outside is this wonderful corduroy (fuzzy goodness) and even the inside is gorgeous. She really outdid herself. I'm so happy.
It's going to be my crochet bag. Her craftiness shall be the inspiration for my future crafts!
*HUGS Sharon*



As for my Fall Schedule: Upon close inspection of the paper-version of the Fall Schedule there's not a single class in the Education Department that I can take for my Master's degree. There are however 3, one-credit workshops being offered and a 2 credit online class called Children's Lit in the Classroom... that ties in with my undergrad Reading emphasis.... So, there is hope. A light at the end of the tunnel. And of course I will definitely be signing up for Web Design/Content Writing for three credits.

But pretty BAG! hehehe

Have you been L O S T?

So I was talking about the ABC show LOST with a friend of mine, while in the lab, and a professor started asking questions about it. (apparenlty we were quite animated in our discussion)

I loaned this professor the first season on DVD and she and her husband got really into it. She asks me to clarify bits and pieces everytime I see her.

She loaned it to her daughter and her boyfriend and they're hooked. But are sad that they'll have to wait until this summer for either reruns or the 2nd season on DVD.

Now the boyfriend's mom is borrowing the set on the son's recommendation.



My dear readers.... Have you been lost yet?


If you haven't tried it I suggest you start. You will become one of the LOST junkies.

Wiki Update

For those of you following my wiki progress:
I have now completed my Time Student Teaching section, added a Kaikoura section from my first trip to Kaikoura... I've added some of the main links to my sidebar... there are a lot of new pictures, especially of my whale watch...

Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


I just got a phone call from my dad.
"Are you at your computer?"
"Log on to the Denton Record Chronicle."
(that's our hometown newspaper)
So I did... and
THIS is what I saw.

Picture from Denton Record Chronicle website:

How freaking awesome is that? That's my parent's shop. My Mom. My Dad.

hehe and the paper called their business "venerable"

/proud daughter

**Since you have to register for the DRC I'm going to include the text here but I found it at the DRC... (That's legal right? :)

Of all the roofs in Texas

Painter picks Laura’s Locksmith for ninth of 50 creations in U.S.

09:36 AM CDT on Sunday, April 2, 2006

By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe / Staff Writer

Perhaps more like a Johnny Appleseed than a Christo, controversial artist Scott LoBaido set out Feb. 22 from his Staten Island, N.Y., home to paint a large-scale, stylized American flag on one roof in each of the 50 United States.
DRC/Gary Payne
Scott LoBaido paints a U.S. flag on the roof of Laura’s Locksmith on Saturday in Denton. LoBaido is trying to paint one flag on the roof of a building in each of the 50 states.

He started his ninth flag on Saturday, having persuaded John and Laura Easterling to adorn the roof of their venerable Denton business, Laura’s Locksmith, on University Drive with a kinetic design that looks as if a flag is being unfolded.

LoBaido, 40, who witnessed the 9/11 attacks and wants to finish his project by the event’s fifth anniversary, said he was inspired to do his “Flags Across America Project” after helping people in Gulfport, Miss., clean up immediately after Hurricane Katrina. At first, there was little outside help, he said, and then the military started flying in relief and supplies with helicopters.

“I usually do murals, but I turned to someone and said, ‘I need a roof,’” LoBaido said.

He painted one of the surviving Gulfport roofs as a way to say thanks and then went back home to Staten Island to plan the project.

So far, LoBaido has worked his way through nine southern states on a shoestring budget. He’s had little luck attracting large-scale sponsors, but lots of luck with small gifts as he travels from state to state in his 1989 custom-painted Chevrolet Suburban, staying with friends as he searches for roofs. An old friend from Staten Island, Madlyn Jackson, offered him a place to stay in Carrollton while he was in Texas. At first, he planned on painting a roof somewhere in Fort Worth.

“The first day I had a tough time finding the right roof. I went from Carrollton to Bedford to North Richland Hills,” he said. “Everything was too new and I was getting frustrated.”

On a swing through Denton, he said he headed west on University Drive and the roof of Laura’s Locksmith caught his eye. He almost talked himself out of it, he said, but then hung a U-turn and talked the Easterlings into it.

“They were cautious at first, and had some questions — a lot of people think I’m selling something — but then they were real excited,” he said.

But Laura Easterling had to sweet-talk the landlord into this paint job.

“But you see so much that’s ugly, and nasty and bad in the world,” Laura Easterling said. “I hope this helps people remember how great this nation is.”

An experienced muralist, LoBaido said he’s used his brushes — and in this case paint rollers — to express his appreciation for his First Amendment freedoms before. Not long after 9/11, when students at an Upper West Side school stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance, he went to the school and began to paint a flag on the school building. The move got him arrested and garnered him some notoriety. He’s also been arrested for artistically inspired protests at the Brooklyn Museum and the French Consulate. And some critics have said his works on canvas, such as a painting that depicted President Bush holding the flag and the severed head of Osama bin Laden, displayed at the National Arts Club two years ago, are deeply subversive.

LoBaido isn’t necessarily turning over a new leaf with this new project. His sketchpad reflects his ongoing riffs on the Stars and Stripes. But, he said this project is about doing something positive.

“I’ve tested the boundaries of First Amendment freedoms and I haven’t got my hands cut off for it,” he said. “There are lots of people to thank for that.”

The Easterlings, who have been in business since 1989, painted the building’s exterior a bright, southwestern gold and turquoise about six months ago. John Easterling said that they were tired of people not realizing where they were located.

With the roof painting, which LoBaido usually finishes in a day, he’s sure people won’t have a problem now.

“Once its done, I can’t wait to call Frenchy and say, ‘eat your heart out,’” John said.

PEGGY HEINKEL-WOLFE can be reached at 940-566-6881. Her e-mail address is

Fierce Toe Cleavage

Aya and I were entertaining ourselves Friday while shopping for shoes. She used the term "toe cleavage" - when shoes don't cover your entire toe and the... cracks... or toe cleavage shows. We were quite entertained by this.

Went to see Sliver Friday night - hilarious :)

Later, while waiting for Dr. Who to come on we were channel flipping and found an old horror movie: House. I'd been talking about it earlier (and thinking about it over the years). I had watched part of it as a kid - the only scary movie I ever watched by myself - and it freaked me out. That part with the hand going down the toilet... let's just say I kept a close eye on the toilet for the next week or two. *shiver* I couldn't remember what the movie was, but Aya (being the horror movie-connoisseur she is) knew exactly what I was talking about. It was quite good luck that we caught it on TV last night. I finally got to see it again, as an adult, and of course it wasn't scary - minus one part with the bathroom mirror. I didn't remember that the Greatest American Hero was the main guy... neat :) and Bull from Night Court was one of the bad guys...

In other news... Fall class schedules are finally available online. Get this: the Education Department isn't offering a SINGLE class that I need for my degree. Not even online.

*S N O R T*

I am not pleased.

At all.

On the up-side I'll definitely be able to take Web Content/Writing (which is a good thing :)
But what else.... I need at least one more class... I wonder if I can take E-Rhetoric again... ?

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Sharon made me a purrrrrrrty fairy bag! I can't wait to see it in person!!!

Kiwi Hip Hop

Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous